Great Aquaponics Design From ZUST

I have just gotten these designs of aquaponics from pemi of the Industrial Design of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. He has done these aquaponic design exercise with his sophomore students. They are great and beautiful! We will be working with them to turn these into an reality!

Yu Qiaomei

余巧美 20130326 a

Lu Fang

卢芳 2013326 b

卢芳 2013326 c

Wu Qiqi

吴琪琪 20130326 a

Li Binqing

李冰清 2013326 a

李冰清 2013326 b

Cai Yushuang

柴愉双 2013326 a

柴愉双 2013326 d

Wang Pei

王蓓 2013326 b

Su Lili

苏丽丽 2013326 a

苏丽丽 2013326 b

Jin Siwen

Sylvia1 2013326 a

Qian Qun

钱群 2013326 b