Fishes for Aquaponics in China

China has 70% of all global aquaculture production and that means amazing selections of fishes to choose from. However, the downside being all of the hatcheries are designed to handle large quantity business, few are willing to ship small quantity of fishes and by small quantities, I mean anything less then 5000 fingerlings. In order to solve this problem, I took a trip to Guangzhou to visit several hatcheries and establish personal relationship. A bit personal touch goes a long way and one has agreed to supply me fish at quantity of 500. It's still too big to be handled by a small backyard system but it's a good start.

Hatchery in Guangzhou

A young 20 something couple running this hatchery of about half million square meter (100 MU) with a few workers.

IMG 3962
IMG 3963

Fish List

桂花鱼 Mandarin fish Untitled
罗非鱼 Tilapia Untitled
胭脂 Chinese high fin banded shark Untitled
湘云鲤 Xiangyun Carp Untitled
湘云鲫 Xiangyun Crucian Carp Untitled
正日本锦鲤 Koi Untitled
金草鱼 Golden Grass Carp Untitled
黄颡鱼 Pelteobagrus fulvidraco Untitled
杂交乌鱼 Crossbreed Mullet Untitled
鸭嘴鱼 Polyodonspathala Untitled
东方暗纹河豚 Obscure puffer Untitled
团头鲂(武昌鱼) Bluntnose black bream Bd3eb13533fa828b12645479fd1f4134960a5ae1
丁桂鱼 Ding mandarin fish Untitled
红罗非鱼(彩虹雕) Red Tilapia Untitled
仙骨大头 Kind of Bighead Carp Untitled
美国斑点叉尾回鱼 Ietalurus Punetaus Untitled