Simple DIY Aquaponic System for Balcony

A lot of people have been asking about simple DIY aquaponic system for balcony or small rooftop. Working with a group of kids from CYPA River, Fluffy, Christina, Pearl, and Nancy, we have designed and build a small system that with components easily source from Taobao and very little modification.

Looking beautiful on balcony


65cm(length)x36cm(width)x46cm(height) food safe plastic tank. These tanks are commonly used for seafood transport and are graded as food safe. Plenty of them to be found on Taobao and they are safe for raising fish.

IMG 5232

66(cm)x41(cm)x15(cm) food safe plastic container for grown bed. Drill a 5cm hole in the middle.
IMG 5218

Place the grow bed on top of the tank.
IMG 5234

Prepare a 30cm long and 5cm diameter PVC pipe with holes.
IMG 5235

Water pump from aquarium shop.
IMG 5236

Attach the pipe from water pump inside the grow bed.
IMG 5238

Add expanded clay into the grow bed that cover the hole on the pipe. Adjust the height of pipe until the top layer of expanded clay covers the holes and kept dry.
IMG 5239

Happy Fish!