DIY Vortex Compost Tea Brewer

Ever since I read about Elaine Ingham, Ph.D’s Soil Food Web, I have been using aerated compost tea regularly for my garden and aquaponics. It’s giving me amazing result. The photos are the lettuce from garden and chili pepper from the aquaponics.

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From Garden Web:

Aerated compost teas are the latest in scientific organic research today. In many ways, aerated teas offer greater immediate benefits than classic compost, manure, or other homemade foliar teas. Just by applying a cheap aquarium air pump to a 5 gallon bucket of tea, you can get amazing results. (read more)

I currently use the quick aquarium air pump and bucket method but I have always heard about the vortex machine is much more efficient. The commercial vortex brewer looks totally awesome but not the price tag.


On my quest to search DIY and I come across Turbo-Vortex Compost Tea Brewer by Stephen Storch and use it as base, I built a prototype of vortex brewer over at XinCheJian. It’s pretty simple and elegant design leveraging air lifting water pump (moving water by air pump).

Also, it turns out that vortex has important role in organic farming method like Biodynamics as a living water that takes energy from the earth and stars.

Rudolf Steiner introduced the vortex principle for use in biodynamic agricultural preparations. Vortex energies can be absorbed into the water by first creating a deep vortex in one direction and then immediately reversing direction until another deep vortex has formed. Stir for several minutes with a wooden handle or any suitable flat piece of wood or possibly plastic to create alternating vortexes. Use a large glass or ceramic container or just a plastic bucket about half-filled with uncontaminated water. Electrical vortex machines are available from biodynamic sources for longer charging times.

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Here are some video