Aquaponics without ebb-n-flow growbed

Ebb and flow aquaponic system seem to be de facto these days but for small system without sump, it’s really a hassle with all the water moving up and down changing level.

I am testing out a new design with the planter I used for DWC hydroponic last year and a small tank picked up on Taobao.

The use of ebb and flow is to provide air to grow bed for proper nitrification process and this is replaced with the bubbler of at the bottom of the planter.


A hole drilled at the bottom of the planter for circulating the water.

Air stone strip is mounted facing down to avoid the deposit covering the air. A little trick I picked up from Rockets, my water treatment expert. 😉

A pipe with holes on top to define the water level in the planter.

The whole setup is placed on top of the tank.

Water pipe from the water pump in the tank is placed at the bottom of the planter.

Let the cycling begin. 😉