Chris Sharp Aquaponic Workshop in Shanghai Sep 29, 30

Chris Sharp is one of the global leader in Aquaponic. He lives in the Outback where water is scarce and travels the World Lecturing people in the benifits of Aquaponics. In this two days workshop, Chris will cover the following:

  1. Agriculture/Aquaculture Needs in China today
  2. Introduction, Aquaponic Ecosystems Simple Explaination
  3. Aquaponics Ecosystems in China’s History
  4. Aquaponics Ecosystems, What, How and Why they Work
  5. Where Can I Create my own Aquaponics Ecosystem
  6. Why Would you Grow Food Aquaponically
  7. What Fish and Plants to grow
  8. What Fish Has 3 Times More Healthy Oil than Salmon
  9. Aone Farm in Yantai and Aquaponics Around the World

We will also visit David’s aquaponic setup during the workshop. The cost is 800 RMB per person and we are looking for about 18 people to break even for this workshop. Any one interested in the workshop, they can send email to me. The attached is a photo of Chris and one of the home aquaponic system he’s building. Please contact Contact David Li at if you are interested in the workshop. Chris and Home Aquaponics System up and running 2