Simple DIY Aquaponic System for Balcony

A lot of people have been asking about simple DIY aquaponic system for balcony or small rooftop. Working with a group of kids from CYPA River, Fluffy, Christina, Pearl, and Nancy, we have designed and build a small system that with components easily source from Taobao and very little modification. …


DIY Vortex Compost Tea Brewer

Ever since I read about Elaine Ingham, Ph.D’s Soil Food Web, I have been using aerated compost tea regularly for my garden and aquaponics. It’s giving me amazing result. The photos are the lettuce from garden and chili pepper from the aquaponics. From Garden Web: Aerated compost teas are the …



哇卡蝈蝈在微博上发表了他虹吸管制作的经验,非常感谢他的分享! 1.回水弯,产生水封 2.虹吸器,黑管是当水位下降到最低时大量进气,使虹吸停止(瓶盖作用很关键) 3.底吸水口,要低于进气口 4.续水 5.达到虹吸水位(溢流管高度+水封高度) 6.开始抽水 7.快到最低水位,瓶盖作用显现,打破虹吸。如果没有瓶盖,进水出水自平衡,将会一直低水位吸水,无法潮汐循环。


3D Printed Soil Cube Tool

I was browsing the web on gardening and come across this amazing soil cube tool. I really like it but it probably …